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The Funky Junkies’ In-House Composers

דה פאנקי ג’נקיז, בריטים אליליים מגניבים…
וזו דוגמה מהאלבומם המצוחצח שיגיע בקרוב רק אלינו, במיילס אוף מיוזיק!


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Look Up


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Today’s Cultural Corner… Greece!

I appreciate people who preserve their heritage with decent dignity.
Here is an amazing artist, an Institution really, born in 1942.
Antonis Xylouris, nicknamed Psarantonis, is a Greek composer, singer and performer of Lyra, the bowed string instrument of Crete and most popular surviving form of the medieval Byzantine lyra.

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"What is a Colorist?" from icolorist on Vimeo.

Not a showreel. This movie is trying to explain what a Colorist does and how he or she can add value to a project

Ciaran Lavery - Left For America

from the Northern Irish village of Aghagallon.
Actually, now that he’s left for America, Aghagallon is home to 823 people.

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Seung Mo Park (South Korea, b. 1969) - Yu Hyeon Jeong (2009)

Seung Mo Park (South Korea, b. 1969) - Yu Hyeon Jeong (2009)

Ozric Tentacles Spyroid

Good band, this from ‘97 England.

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Yusef Lateef - Eboness

still morn, still awaking…

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You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream. Michael Dell